Production Services

Supporting production and Helping deliver video content to countries around the world
with state of the art technology and excellent human resources

Providing a one-stop solution for specialized creative services to meet various requests, including Shooting / Editing & Sound Services for film, TV programs, TV commercials, and promotions / DCP (Digital Cinema Package) Creation / Content Distribution & Streaming Services / Digital & Optical Composite / VFX / CGI / Scanning / Recording / Encoding / Image Restoration / Media localization service and more.
Our core business also includes human resource consulting for staffing creative specialists, including digital creators, IT engineers and production professionals.
We will continue to serve the needs of international content owners, aggregators, broadcasters, and new media distributors.

Imagica Entertainment Media Services, Inc.

Video entertainment from around the world to multiple media

Digitization is accelerating technological innovation that support video production and distribution. To meet the needs of various changing environmental factors including diversifying viewing styles and remotely operated production processes, IMAGICA Entertainment and Media Service offers a service that seamlessly links video production and content distribution, quickly and securely. We call this the E2E (End-to-End) service.

Pixelogic Media Partners, LLC

Pixelogic provides next generation distribution solutions for studios, broadcasters and digital retailers with a mission of helping our media and entertainment customers build more efficient supply chains, more valuable products, and larger global audiences.

Pixelogic is a global provider of content localization and distribution services for the media and entertainment industry. Built on advanced next generation workflows and operations in Burbank, CA., Culver City, CA., London UK and Cairo, Egypt, Pixelogic services the industry’s leading content owners including the major Hollywood studios, broadcasters, digital retailers and a range of others.

Picture Production Company.

PPC is one of the largest creative production agencies outside North America, with over 30 years experience in film marketing, creative advertising and localisation.

With over 90 staff across London and Los Angeles, PPC is a twenty-four hour agency combining experienced creative editors, copywriters, motion graphic artists, animators and A/V production crew, with a full suite of state of the art post-production facilities, including audio mixing, picture finishing, encoding and digital distribution.


A Creative & Technical Post-Production Company
Bringing Customers Surprise and Excitement

Since IMAGICA was established in 1935, IMAGICA Lab (current company name) has always met the challenges of new video technology, in the constantly evolving video industry. Each and every employee has held on to the spirit of learning and researching. We have inherited the “reliable” and “safe” brand, cultivated over the years. We will keep up the customer-first spirit and apply our creativity and strengths in technological services, to meet the needs of our customers with increased flexibility, and we will expand our services to reach many customers.


A creative and technology company delivering video generated “truth and excitement”

Cosmo Space delivers content that carries “dream”, “aspiration”, and “hope” to the viewers. We work as our customers’ partner and share with them the “creation of emotions with video”, by utilizing our superb relay and distribution technology along with expertise in planning. We develop our businesses in various video related stages to meet the diverse customer needs: planning to production of video contents including TV programs and corporate PR; relay and distribution; shooting technology; technological support within TV stations; and more.


IMAGICA DIGITALSCAPE ensures prosperity for all partners by responding to market needs and by providing the latest technology, personnel development and staffing to contribute to the prosperity of the creative industry.

We operate three businesses
1. Staff consulting business (staffing services/contracting/referrals)
2. Digital content business (game 3D & CG creation, graphic design, debugging, big data visualization, nationwide film crew dispatching, video production)
3. Media business (recruitment websites / event planning and management / training)

Weather Map Co., Ltd.

We continue to develop the weather presentation knowhow cultivated over the years since our founding. We develop high value-added weather content and work to provide unparalleled weather information with a personal touch by developing unique and interesting on-air weather personalities.

Weather forecasts and related work, weather forecaster staffing services for broadcast stations and seminars, weather data and news streaming, weather forecaster accreditation school management.


Supporting DX promotion

The current ICT industry’s environment is changing faster than ever before with globalization, diversifying needs, varying technology, and upgrading. IMAGICA Alobase possesses high technology and offers services that go beyond the imaginations of customers. We are a highly technical group of engineers and, by constantly making innovations, bring about amazing things.

Shonan Hi-tech Planning Co.,Ltd.

Providing an Environment for Development and Advancement of Human Talent that Includes IoT and Other New Technologies

Shonan Hi-tech Planning Co.,Ltd. has been active in the education business of providing highly detailed guidance based on the experience we have accumulated through various kinds of training over many years, and in expanding human talent services through our expertise in accurately ascertaining the needs of clients and supplying human talent that matches those needs.
We are striving to manifest synergies in our education and human talent businesses such as using our education business to support the human talent business, including support of other companies, or by expanding the mutual supply of human talent.

  • Human talent business:Introduction and dispatch of technicians, software/system development, advanced technical consulting, and other contract services
  • Educational business:Technological and human education and training for companies, vocational training, operation of a certification testing center

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