Production Services

Supporting production with state of the art technology and excellent human resources

Providing a one-stop solution for specialized creative services to meet various requests, including Shooting / Editing & Sound Services for film, TV programs, TV commercials, and promotions / DCP (Digital Cinema Package) Creation / Content Distribution & Streaming Services / Digital & Optical Composite / VFX / CGI / Scanning / Recording / Encoding / Image Restoration and more. Our core business also includes human resource consulting for staffing creative specialists, including digital creators, IT engineers and production professionals.

Joined by images; the image making connections
Joined by people; the people making connections
IMAGICA Lab. design the future of image communication

Filming, films/TV shows/Commercials/Promotion video film and sound editing, DCP (digital cinema package) production, Contents delivery/Distribution services, Film developing, Film print, Film Archiving service(Support/Transcoding/Restoration/Archiving of film) , Processing of film digital compositing/VFX/CG, Production of graphics, Localization services such as dubbing and subtitling, Planning and production of video contents, Planning and production of events, Planning and production of advertisement for Web and mobile computer(tablet, smartphone), Development of production systems and applications, Maintenance operation of systems and other film technology related services

IMAGICA DIGITALSCAPE ensures prosperity for all partners by responding to market needs and by providing the latest technology, personnel development and staffing to contribute to the prosperity of the creative industry.

We operate three businesses
1. Staff consulting business (staffing services/contracting/referrals)
2. Digital content business (game 3D & CG creation, graphic design, debugging, big data visualization, nationwide film crew dispatching, video production)
3. Media business (recruitment websites / event planning and management / training)

Involved in media center business (real-time streaming for sports event media), sports and entertainment LIVE video distribution and production business, smartphone and tablet content business, video and film archive business.

As a trusted partner that applies advanced imaging technology towards creating video and film that resonates with customers, we aim to contribute to the prosperity of the content industry.

We are involved in the planning and production of broadcast programing, corporate video packages, and television commercials, sports event and concert live broadcasting technology, program and event filming and recording technology, broadcast station engineer staffing, and more.

We continue to develop the weather presentation knowhow cultivated over the years since our founding. We develop high value-added weather content and work to provide unparalleled weather information with a personal touch by developing unique and interesting on-air weather personalities.

Weather forecasts and related work, weather forecaster staffing services for broadcast stations and seminars, weather data and news streaming, weather forecaster accreditation school management.

IMAGICA ALOBASE uses our advanced technological skills to provide customers with service that transcends creation. Through constant innovation, we continue to exist as a group of professionals who produce wonder, inspiration, and excitement.

As experts in web services and smartphone app development, we provide total support, from planning to integration and maintenance.

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