Content Creation

Producing highly entertaining visual content

Producing feature films, TV dramas, Animation, Web-related visual content, music videos and advert work for TV commercials and other outlets. We also provide rights management services. Beyond each company producing solid results in its respective industry, our group structure as a collective of specialized companies enables us to provide effective and efficient "Cross Media" solutions.

ROBOT – giving courage and
hope to people through entertainment.

ROBOT COMMUNICATIONS opened its doors in 1986 as a television commercial production/facilitating agency and graphic design company. ROBOT has since expanded into producing feature films, animation, web and mobile contents. No one in the industry would have imagined such diverse expansion at the time of ROBOT's establishment. ROBOT has achieved excellence in each of these areas, culminating in the Animation production division winning an Academy Award in 2009.
ROBOT has lots of main works, such as an famous movie "ALWAYS 3丁目の夕日"

With a continuous commitment to creativity and innovation, we provide people with enjoyment and excitement through unique video and film content.

Pursuing new expression through video and film in a wide variety of genres.
In recent years we have been involved in numerous open air video display projects, from large-scale 3D projection mapping to commercial facility and exhibition projects using the latest technology such as VR, AR, and signage. In addition to providing these types of frameless imaging experiences, we also conduct the planning and development of proprietary IP content.

Planning and Production of 2D&3D animated films and movies.

Business Segment