Content Creation

Producing highly entertaining visual content

Companies in our Content Creation segment pursue creative expressions and are engaged in a wide range of video planning and production: theatrical films; TV dramas; animations; music videos; TV commercials; multimedia advertising and promotion for webpages; and digital signage displays for outdoors and commercial properties. We offer fresh viewer experience at live music and other entertainment events by producing the total space and atmosphere centering around video. A track record built in each of these areas are tied with our IP (intellectual property) business based on publishing, to develop a cross-media business.


ROBOT – giving courage and
hope to people through entertainment.

ROBOT COMMUNICATIONS opened its doors in 1986 as a television commercial production/facilitating agency and graphic design company. ROBOT has since expanded into producing feature films, animation, web and mobile contents. No one in the industry would have imagined such diverse expansion at the time of ROBOT's establishment. ROBOT has achieved excellence in each of these areas, culminating in the Animation production division winning an Academy Award in 2009.
ROBOT has lots of main works, such as an famous movie "ALWAYS 3丁目の夕日"


We are fully dedicated to creativity and innovation with a goal of sparking great joy and amazement in people through the use of visual content that conveys new forms of sensitivity.

P.I.C.S. explores innovative visual expressions in a wide range of genres. Our recent works utilizes the latest technologies to produce an ever more frameless viewing experience. They include 3D projection mapping and spatial visual displays, along with VR, AR, and digital signage for business complexes and various exhibitions. Planning and development of our own IP (intellectual property) contents is another area of our focus.

OLM, Inc./ OLM Digital, Inc.

How wonderful it would be if audiences smile when they see wonderful images. Our energy is derived from this motivation – to see these smiling faces.

OLM Group is an leading Animation, CG Animation and VFX studio.
The creativity of our experienced artists, together with our technologists and top-of-the-line equipment, allow us to continually expand the frontiers of visual entertainment.
The Animated, CG, and live action feature films / TV Animation Shows created with our high-level techniques and well-organized production environment deliver wonder and excitement to our audiences.
We would like to entertain people with the novel visual images we have created with passion. And we would love to enrich their hearts. OLM Group will deliver wonderful smiles and heartwarming stories to adults and children around the world.

Sprite Entertainment Inc. (Sprite Animation Studios)

To continue creating CG-animated projects that resonate with our audience – projects with a touch of Spriteness!

At Sprite Animation Studios we specialize in creating CG animated works. Our passion to create something that is uniquely ours – infused with Spriteness – gave birth to Sprite Animation Studios in 2002 in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 2004, Sprite Animation Studios relocated to Los Angeles, which has been our home ever since. Although our company is American-born and bred, our core staff is comprised of creative minds with cultural roots in both Japan and America. The collaboration of these "East Meets West" values allows us to create unique works which we delight in sharing with the world. As a small boutique studio in LA we swim in a big pond but our great passion and pride allow us to achieve what would be thought unachievable. We believe that a good CG-animated story has the magical power to touch and transport its audience to a different time and place, and we will always be passionate about crafting this magic for our audience!

Imagica Infos Co., Ltd.

A story, a word, a voice, a character, or a single photo can create a world of entertainment

Imagica Infos is an entertainment content production company. Our core business is made up of magazines, websites, photo magazines, video streaming, content of actors and actresses, magazine and web Loto and Numbers, S cawaii! photo magazine, and paperbacks and e-books of hero-novels (a category of light novels).

IMAGICA Iris Co., Ltd.

A digital advertising agency specializing in creative

IMAGICA Iris acts as an interface between clients and their users by connecting the respective “want to tell” and the “want to know” needs. We follow through the digital advertisement workflow from planning, production, to operational analysis by applying the expertise of video production built by the IMAGICA GROUP.


Maximizing cutting edge technology and creative to experience entertainment beyond space

IMAGICA EEX realizes an unprecedented live entertainment experience. We utilize IMAGICA GROUP’s sophisticated video technology to combine XR and video streaming with 8K and 12K high-resolution live viewing, producing the entire space. By creating brand-new entertainment and experience, we contribute to cultural development and to enriching people’s lives.

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