Corporate Code of Ethics

IMAGICA GROUP Corporate Code of Ethics


Article 1
These rules set forth basic matters that directors, executive officers, employees, and other parties engaged in the company's operations (hereinafter, "the Company's employees, etc.") should adhere to as a member of the IMAGICA GROUP (hereinafter, "the Group") or an individual when executing their duties so that the Company can win the trust of society and be a company that people can identify with.

Officers shall recognize that it is their role to put these matters into practice and set an example. They shall also always ascertain the opinions of parties inside and outside the Company, establish effective internal systems, and ensure that corporate ethics are thoroughly upheld.

Each of the Company's employees, etc. shall put the matters stipulated in this code into practice in accordance with the Group's management philosophy.

Establishment of trust:

Article 2
The Group shall strive to create new value in visual communications, fully recognize its social responsibility and public mission as an imaging corporate group, and establish unwavering trust from society through business operations conducted based on a spirit of integrity.

Provision of reliable products and services:

Article 3
As a group of imaging professionals, the Group shall provide products and services of reliable quality, placing priority on satisfying customer needs.

Complying with laws and regulations:

Article 4
The Group shall strictly comply with the laws, rules, and social norms of Japan and other countries, respect human rights, and act in an honest, fair, and ethical manner.

Respect for character and individuality:

Article 5
The Group respect the character and individuality of each person and shall nurture and utilize people, build trust, and share pride and joy in the Group's work.

Cutting off relations with antisocial forces:

Article 6
The Group shall take a firm stand against antisocial forces that threaten social order and safety, and exclude such forces.

Management transparency:

Article 7
The Group shall ensure transparency in corporate management through appropriate disclosure of corporate information.

Fair competition:

Article 8
The Group shall sell and procure products and services through fair, appropriate, and free competition, and not pursue unfair profit through improper means or opaque conduct.

Environmental protection:

Article 9
The Group shall strive to conserve resources and energy, minimize waste, promote recycling, and make related efforts, and value the world's limited resources and natural environment.