Business Segment

Business Field

Achieving rich communication through film and video

From planning to distribution, film and video production requires numerous processes and a variety of human resources. The IMAGICA GROUP and our Group companies offer vast experience and a diverse array of services to meet every film and video production need. We achieve efficient, high-quality film and video production.

We provide the production functions necessary to create and implement required plans, as well as develop and provide the equipment and personnel required to implement those plans. We provide one-stop services to achieve enriched visual communication.

Business Segment

Content Creation

Producing feature films, TV dramas, Animation, Web-related visual content, music videos and advert work for TV commercials and other outlets. We also provide rights management services. Beyond each company producing solid results in its respective industry, our group structure as a collective of specialized companies enables us to provide effective and efficient "Cross Media" solutions.

Production Services

Providing a one-stop solution for specialized creative services to meet various requests, including Shooting / Editing & Sound Services for film, TV programs, TV commercials, and promotions / DCP (Digital Cinema Package) Creation / Content Distribution & Streaming Services / Digital & Optical Composite / VFX / CGI / Scanning / Recording / Encoding / Image Restoration and more. Our core business also includes human resource consulting for staffing creative specialists, including digital creators, IT engineers and production professionals.

Media Localization

As the world’s leading media localization provider, we offer dubbing, subtitling, and other media solutions for our clients worldwide, in over 80 languages, through our network of owned and operated facilities across 37 countries.
We now have an expanded capability to create, produce, localize and deliver marketing collateral and content such as movie trailers and media promotional assets for the global film industry, by acquiring an international film marketing agency. We will continue to serve the needs of international content owners, aggregators, broadcasters, and new media distributors.

Imaging Systems & Solutions

Developing, manufacturing, importing, selling, and providing maintenance services for advanced equipment and software, and the development and sales of image processing LSI. With a sales network that covers global markets, we meet the needs of the world’s top professionals.