Imaging Systems & Solutions

Providing cutting-edge imaging solutions

Companies in our Imaging Systems and Solutions segment make comprehensible proposals on domestic broadcasting equipment from designing to installation, offer best solution, render broad range of system and network operations support, and expand video usage in the fields of medicine, education, and general industries. With our state-of-the art technology in imaging, we work in the world market not only to meet the needs of broadcasters but top professionals in hospitals, universities, airports, manufacturers, research institutions, and more.

Photron Limited

We value "images" as a company with original technology based on trust through customer satisfaction.

Photoron is a company dedicated to image processing. We develop premium quality hardware and software, assemble an array of products that best suit our customer’s workflow into cutting-edge system, make proposals with great added value, and support implementation and operation. To be “Niche but Top” (the number one company in a niche market) is our ideal, and to create trust through customer satisfaction is our basic principle. As a leading company, developing “the world’s first products” is our ongoing challenge and expanding globally our pursuit.

Photron M&E Solutions Inc.

A leading company of medical imaging solutions

Medical information increases in line with medical advancement. From a vast amount of information, it is crucial to be able to utilize appropriate information accurately and efficiently. Photoron M&E Solutions offers technology accumulated as the forerunner in the imaging field. With our “Kada-Solution,” or the total system with a video network for cardiology at the core, we contribute a great deal to the usage of imaging information in the medical field. As a leading company, we will continue to pursue innovative technology and pursue further advancement.

i-Chips Technology Inc.

Providing advanced semiconductors for imaging processing analysis
i-Chips Technology's LSI for video and image processing is used in numerous fields, including display equipment such as projectors, LCDs, and plasma displays, office equipment such as copy machines, and factory automation equipment such as cameras and inspection machines.

IPmotion Inc.

As trusted ICT partners, we provide valuable services that contribute to society.

We provide network construction using optimal fiber based on mutual connections with NTT East and West, system monitoring using closed networks based on secure LTE wireless connections, and 24 hour/365 day system support.

Photonic Lattice, Inc.

Catch the polarization
Measure the polarization
Design the polarization

Photonic Lattice, Inc. has been expanding its business based on unique optical technology since its establishment in 2002 as a venture company from Tohoku University.
We design and manufacture photonic crystals, our core competence, for optical measurement and control applications.
We also develop and sell application products such as polarization imaging systems, polarization measurement systems, and infrared spectroscopy systems, which are based on our optical technology, in collaboration with our parent company, PHOTRON LIMITED.

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