Imaging Systems & Solutions

Providing cutting-edge imaging solutions

Developing, manufacturing, importing, selling, and providing maintenance services for advanced equipment and software, and the development and sales of image processing LSI. With a sales network that covers global markets, we meet the needs of the world’s top professionals.

We use creative and innovative new technology to create advanced markets for image processing.

As specialists in the image processing domains, we develop the highest quality hardware and software. We propose the optimal product line for the customer’s workflow and provide solutions as an advanced system. We provide high value-added proposals, integration, and operational support.

Supporting advanced imaging systems in educational and medical workplaces

For the medical industry, we conduct the development, manufacturing, sales, leasing, maintenance and repairs for network equipment used for medical imaging. For the education industry, we conduct the development, manufacturing, sales, leasing, import and export, and maintenance and repairs of systems related to imaging information.

Providing advanced semiconductors for imaging processing analysis
i-Chips Technology's LSI for video and image processing is used in numerous fields, including display equipment such as projectors, LCDs, and plasma displays, office equipment such as copy machines, and factory automation equipment such as cameras and inspection machines.

As trusted ICT partners, we provide valuable services that contribute to society.

We provide network construction using optimal fiber based on mutual connections with NTT East and West, system monitoring using closed networks based on secure LTE wireless connections, and 24 hour/365 day system support.

Involved in media center business (real-time streaming for sports event media), sports and entertainment LIVE video distribution and production business, smartphone and tablet content business, video and film archive business.

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