Group Name

On October 1, 2018,
we changed our Group name to the IMAGICA GROUP

Message in our logo design

The design of our new Group logo reflects our philosophy and Group vision.

Simple yet innovative logo type

Expresses our sincere commitment to creating new value in the film and video industry.

Arc shape

Reflects our desire to engage in global domains and the unified commitment of every member company of the IMAGICA GROUP to achieve advancement as creative and technology professionals.

Blue and gray

Logo colors are based on a lighter tone of the blue from the previous group logo as an expression of our sincerity and gray as an expression of our commitment. Overall, the logo expresses innovation and change.

Background, vision

Our Group has continued to expand and change over time as we have constantly adapted to the changes in our environment, including advancements in film and video driven by the rapid shift to digital formats and networks, the diversification of film and video utilization, and innovation in film and video transmission systems. Our name change and new logo design represent our unified commitment to reforming our Group and achieving further growth amid ongoing structural changes in film and video markets and continued technical innovation for film and video media and content.

IMAGICA comes from the word imaginica, which means “image” in Latin. As our common Group keyword, we chose IMAGICA as the name to reflect the culmination of all our Group companies. As a key player in the field of film and video, this reasserts our commitment to our mission of making contributions through film and video.